HeyDoc! Announces Corporate Partnerships

Hello Friends!

Its already been a few months since we launched HeyDoc! (we can’t believe how time flies!) and our user base has been growing beautifully. As we grow, we have started expanding our reach by collaborating with different organizations who can offer HeyDoc! to their staff at a special discount/rate.

We believe that Healthcare is a relationship business, any focus to build an ecosystem that frees the people and the medical specialists from the current limitations and barriers that come with the existing healthcare systems is the future of healthcare and is the driver of a healthier life.

There are NO up-front costs, NO subscription fees and NO PEPM (Per-Employee-Per-Month) fees. Just an added perk to the staff who would like to use tele-health and speak to a Doctor in regards to a non-urgent matter that requires a Medical Consultant’s advice.

We are working on connecting our platform with insurance providers to have all tele-health consultations covered, but as you know, things take time. Hopefully by end of the year we would have you covered!

And another thing, we feel Educational Institutes can hugely benefit from this. They can extend this service to the students who can benefit from tele-health at greatly discounted rates, either for busy university students or for the parents of children in schools and nurseries.

There you have it, we’re getting in touch with our partners and friends to spread the word and get more organizations to partner with HeyDoc! and offer tele-health services to their people at a discount.

We already have signed up a few companies in our first week and we’re very excited to partner up with more! In the end, our goal is to help empower the people and provide them with access to a Doctor-On-Demand and a highly qualified network of Doctors.

Spread the love and as always we’ll keep you posted on everything cool and awesome going on at HeyDoc!

– HeyDoc! Team